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Great book for Digital Business Transformation Practitioner. This is not a book just for academic research purpose or theoretical framework for digital transformation, if you are the practitioner in this field, you will be impressed by the practical recommendations and methodology shared by the author. The book comes with the tools that you can apply on your work, and the core message is that you must have your design of the business architecture such as the analysis of the Current Operating Model first to understand the As-Is processes, identify the potential business changes and technology enablers, then implement these changes based on the blueprints, without the pitfalls to jump into Solution First error, so as to ensure the transformation is aligned to Business Strategy and addressing stakeholders concerns. The emphasis on Business or Operations first is inspiring and as a practitioner, i strongly recommend this book and the framework that the author share, it is of great value.
Ryan Lee-Head of Global Business Solutions-Konica Minolta
Ryan Lee
Head of Global Business Services, Konica Minolta

Great Business Architecture Resource Came across Heath’s book after I saw a promotion on LinkedIn. Have just read it for the first time and found it to be an easy to follow resource introducing me to HOBA (House of Business Architecture). I have previously studied BIZBOK (Business Architecture Guild) and while I do highly value that approach, I like Heath’s take as well, which seems more concise and has a nice logical flow to it. There’s tonnes of practical advice and templates to use too. A great reference and resource for practicing Business Architects and one I’ll be returning to time and again.
Geoff Grace Lead Business Architect
Geoff Grace
Lead Business Architect

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