ABOUT THIS LESSON Congratulations on completing Welcome Week!  As an Agile Transformation Accelerator member you get exclusive access to the following methods of support to help you through your journey and assist you with any questions you have: 1.  ”Search HOBA® Portal” – Use our powerful search feature by accessible from your Dashboard. This will …

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5. Design Process

ABOUT THIS LESSON In this lesson we are going to cover the Target State Architecture (‘Design Process’) is the process to both develop the design of the Target Operating Model (TOM), as well as manage the alignment of the implementation of the physical BusinessArchitecture with the design of the TOM. The Design Process is a …

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Week 0 Lesson 4 HOBA

4. HOBA®

ABOUT THIS LESSON In this lesson we going to cover HOBA® (House of Business Architecture) – Agile Business Transformation framework. This is the framework that this training is based on, and the framework that you will use to manage your Business Transformation. We have broken this lesson into smaller topics so it’s digestible, and consumable …

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2. Goal Setting

  ABOUT THIS LESSON Since this week is the introductory week, let’s start by analysing your motivations for taking this program and set some goals to achieve this. What you’re going to do here is the same as you will do with you Business Transformation when you start off – establish what the Current State …

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1. Welcome!

Welcome to the Agile Transformation Accelerator® program!

I am really excited to work with you over the next six (6) weeks!