Action Items

ABOUT THIS LESSON Congratulations on completing Week 2! As soon as you’ve finished watching all of the training videos in full please complete the action items below. This is an “implementation program” and to get results you must do the work. Completing the blueprints and uploading them to our action items storage system keeps all …

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ABOUT THIS LESSON Congratulations on completing Week 2!  As an Agile Transformation Accelerator member you get exclusive access to the following methods of support to help you through your journey and assist you with any questions you have: 1.  ” Search Portal HOBA®” – Use our powerful search feature by accessible from your Dashboard. This …

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Wk2-L3 Design Principles

2. Design Principles

ABOUT THIS LESSON In this lesson we are going to cover the Design Principles. The Design Principles is the second building block in the Governance Reference Model. Design Principles provide the general rules and guidelines used to govern and address the ‘what is in (and out of) scope’ questions asked of the transformation. In this …

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1. Business Architecture Governance

ABOUT THIS LESSON In this lesson we are going to cover the Business Architecture Governance, which establishes the Business Architecture Governance Framework (‘Governance Framework’). This is a big lesson so we’ve divided this lesson into smaller topics, one topic for each of its eight (8) parts. Below are the topics for this lesson. Click on …

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Step 2 – Control

ABOUT THIS LESSON In week two you are going to learn the second step – Step 2- Control in the Design Process. This is also the second step in your Business Transformation. This part of the programme will literally change the way you control your transformation. In this quick video, we will cover: Why Step-2 …

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