Goal Setting Quiz

Week 0 Lessons 2 Quiz

You’ve now watched, read and listened to the material, now its time for a mini-test (quiz) to re-enforce what you have learned and help you remember by doing.

People learn in two (2) ways – by watching others, or by doing themselves. This program is not a knowledge program, its an implementation program, you need to implement. The quiz(zes) in this program help you assess what you have learned.

Note – the quizzes are short and intentional. Just just building your Business Architecture (and transforming your Business), you build it one building block at a time, incrementally building on the previous building block, step by step. The same approach is taken with the quizzes, small tests, often, one step at a time.

You will be given a your score at the end of the test. You will need a 80% pass rate in the final test to obtain your training completion certificate and digital badge at the end. We recommend that if you score less than 80% in a quiz, to review your answer or repeat the quiz and improve your answer before proceeding.

Here’s what we cover:

  • 10 Question quiz