What is Service Delivery?

First – the definition: ‘Service Delivery’ is the delivery of the service to the customer from the Business.

Now, in Business Transformation there is two (2) types :

  • First, in this context – of you, as a Business Transformator leading your organisation or client through their transformation, ‘service delivery’ is the delivery of the ‘service’ of ‘leading your organisation or client through their transformation using the HOBA framework.

It is however, not just confirmed to executing and delivering the transformation using HOBA.

Recall, as a Business Transformator – you are ‘part strategist, part designer, part negotiator, and part collaborator’. Business transformators have moved past just design, and deploy communication skills, stakeholder management skills and change management skills, tools and techniques. So in your service delivery, you will call on and deploy all of these other skills. We will get into some of those skills later in this article.

  • Secondly – the second type of Service Delivery – which is of more interest to your Client, is the ‘service delivery’ or delivery of the service they / the client provides their own customers in providing their products and services to their customers.

In terms of business architecture, and where would you see that, is in the place in the business architecture where the Client interacts with the Customer, and that is in the following two (2) places:

  • User Journeys, and
  • Process Maps / mapping

In terms of User Journeys – these will show the touch points, whether the experience was good or bad (or indifferent), and improvement opportunities. This is going to tell you a lot (if not all, you need to know about how the customer is experiencing the ‘service delivery’, the Client is providing to the Customer, in engaging with organisation in providing the products and services).

In terms of Process Maps / mapping – these show the process (level 4) of what how the Organisation is providing that ‘experience’ to the Customer.

If you want to improve that Service Delivery, you improve that User Journey, and where you make those changes, are in the processes.