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  1. This is the secure PASSWORD protected digital edition eBook, open and viewable in your favourite PDF viewer, contains active links throughout the book from the Table of Contents (ToC) right through to Appendices and all the links to tables and diagrams in between.
  2. This version (digital PDF) is not suitable for mobile devices. If you do not have a PDF viewer app on your phone, this will not work for you. The download files will download into the ether and be lost.
  3. After purchase of the eBook, you will be presented with two (2) download files – one called “READ FIRST”, the other is the eBook file. Please download both files. The password to access the eBook is in the “Read First” file. You need the password to access the eBook.
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The Business Transformation Playbook (eBook Version):

“Dive into the transformative insights with our eBook edition – an international bestseller six times over, embraced by hundreds of companies globally. Trusted by the UK government, FTSE-100, and thriving enterprises, this playbook provides proven strategies for successful business transformation. The eBook offers added convenience – portable, versatile, and at your fingertips wherever your journey takes you. Elevate your transformational experience and join a global community relying on this authoritative guide to navigate and conquer the challenges of business transformation.

This is the digital ‘eBook’ version of our 6x time international bestseller is available online. This eBook version is not available anywhere else, only on our website. It is not available on Amazon nor any physical nor online stores anywhere.

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